The Secret History of the American Empire

Today I finished John Perkins follow-up book to Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. I really enjoyed the ideas that John Perkins presented in the first book.

If you have not read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man yet I highly recommend you search it out.

The idea that a person meets with the leaders of a third world country, with the idea of Americanizing it, to bring money to the pockets of American corporations and politicians, really made me sit and think about the idea of an economic hit man.

The job does not sound too exciting nor does it sound glamorous, but the effect that the decisions these “hit men” make impacts more lives than I could imagine.

I have enjoyed the books that John Perkins has written and his writing has given me a greater interest in economics. John Perkins provides some great solutions to the problems that these “hit men” were sent to solve without the negative impact that his former exploits created.

I look forward to another book by John Perkins. I will be one of the first in line.


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