Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have a good thing here. This book is laid out more like a blog than like a book.

I suspect that is where the ideas for this book stemmed from.

You can pick this book up anywhere and read an idea in just a few minutes. You really don’t need to read it from start to finish, but it is so easy to read you just might do that.

There are so many golden nuggets throughout this book it really makes you sit and think. Towards the middle of the book is this little nugget.

Emulate Chefs

What? How is a chef going to teach me anything about business? Follow a recipe?


Share everything you know. Think of all the famous chefs you know.

What do they have in common?

A cookbook or ten, a TV show or three, a documentary. These Chefs are sharing everything that they know and that is what makes them great.

There are so many more little tidbits of information like this in this book. Some ideas you won’t agree with, and some you will think are silly, but I think this book is one that all business owners and leaders need to read.


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