WHY Isn’t Everyone Blogging – Writing

I enjoy writing. I like to take a new pencil, sharpen it up and make lines into words. When I understood that I would blog there was no question in my mind that I would be writing. There is not problem with my idea of writing for a blog.

I am not like everyone else. There are some of you out there that cannot make that little flashing bar move to the right no matter how much you try. That is OK. You do not need to write if you want to have a blog. There are so many other ways for you to give content.

Can you talk in front of a video camera? Make a video blog. Say what you want to say in front of the camera, upload it on to your blog, and you are golden.

Can you talk into a microphone? Make an audio blog. Speak your content to a microphone and upload the recordings to your blog.

Can you draw or paint or take pictures? Tell your content through your art. Post comics, pictures, or photographs onto you blog.

You are not limited to only word on a blog. You can do anything that you are comfortable with. I have a very hard time speaking. I have never thought of myself as a movie star or a radio personality, so I would have a hard time with either of those  options.

So, you don’t like writing?

Then don’t!

You can still be a blogger and get all the benefits by using video or even creating your own podcast.


This is part 3 of a 5 part series on blogging excuses.

Ask your most burning question about blogging in the comments section below.

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