WHY Isn’t Everyone Blogging – Design

Being pretty is very important.

It’s just not that important to everyone besides us. You can hum and haw over how a button looks on the side bar or you can write good content and post it to a free site that has none of that pretty shiny flashy stuff.

If you knew design you would not be stuck on this. So, if you really feel like it must be pretty, get someone who knows what to do to do it. Write/record your content. The traffic will come because you are creating good content.

99% of your visitors would never notice how pretty that button is on the side bar that you fretted about for so long. Well, not until you wrote a blog post about it.

If your business is about website design then you better have the best looking site on the web. If you are anything else, you will be just fine with a stock blog theme.

The reason people should be coming to your blog is because they want to hear what you have to say. If you are giving gold nuggets of knowledge people will read white letters on a yellow background. They may complain, but their reason for reading your blog is not because it looks good.

I honestly don’t want much design. Most of the free themes out there have too much design than I want. But, I am not going to try to learn how to make a blog from scratch because the themes are not what I want. I will just use what works.

When something comes along that I can’t handle, there are many people that I can hire that would be able to do what. I am more than willing to give them the opportunity to beautify my blog.


This is part 5 of a 5 part series on blogging excuses.

Ask your most burning question about blogging in the comments section below.

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