How Having An Empty Cup Has Saved My Business

I have always had a hard time listening to someone tell me how to do something that I already know how to do. I would get frustrated and either tell that person to sod off or I would just ignore them. This was not so bad when I worked a job that was the same every single day, but that did not cut it in the Internet world. I kept struggling to do anything worth while because I thought I knew everything. It never really change until I actually started to listen to what one of my mentors was telling me. He would always say “Empty your cup”.
Empty my cup?
What the heck is that supposed to mean?
Let’s say you attend a training on how to walk.
Can you walk?
Do you need any more information to get your walk on?
Well, the majority of us will go into that training thinking that we don’t need any further information to walk.
That line of thinking is a what we will call a full cup. The whole time you are in there you will be thinking “Yeah, yeah, I know this, I’m wasting my time.” and nothing that the teacher is trying to show you will ever stay in the cup. All that information will just roll over the side and spill to the ground.
Now, if you were to empty that cup before the training you would have room to put in new information. There is always an opportunity to learn something new. Just because you have an empty cup, don’t feel like you need to absorb every single detail. You could go to a training with an empty cup and leave with that same empty cup, but at least you were willing to take on a different approach to something you already knew.

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