What is Time Management

An hour is a long time when you are sitting at a DMV waiting for your number to be called, but when you are in a state of flow that hour may feel like minutes. It is easy to place the blame on DMV for taking an hour out of your busy day, but you probably could have used that time to get a few things done.

I was  recently sitting in a waiting room this week and the one thing every one had in common was a small glowing screen in their hands. I took that time to catch up on a few Words with Friends games I had been neglecting. As I imagine many other people tend to do the same when waiting around. But I could have used that time to make a call or to write an email.

So what is Time Management, and why should you care?

Time management is planning the amount of time you spend on each activity every day.

So, knowing that you were going to the DMV you could have loaded up a few internet tabs with ideas for talking points for your next presentation, or read over the Johnson report one more time before your next meeting. Then again playing a mindless game on that glowing screen could have been the best use of your time.

If you keep wishing for a little more time every day you should really look into honing your time management skills, because if you feel like you need more time every day your time management skills are crap.

If you were actually managing your time well you would not need time that you cannot have. I suppose the exception would be to move to Mars for an extra 40 minutes each day, but why go to such an extreme when developing good time management skills is much easier.

I never thought that my time management skills were bad until I started working for myself. If you work from home I am sure you have found that getting distracted is very easy, especially if you take on greater parental duties because you are no longer leaving the house.

It is time to take a hard look at yourself. How well are you managing your time?

Could it use a bit of help?

Take some time to look at your time, see if you are spending wisely. What is the biggest draw on your time? Can you remove or alter that draw on your time?

Let me know in the comments what your biggest time-drain is.

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