Why Is Time Management Important

If you come to this blog post thinking that time management is just a matter of tracking your time, I can understand why you would be asking what is so important with it. But time management is so much more than writing down how long it took you to complete a task.

The goal with time management is to use the time you have effectively. Spend more of your time doing meaningful tasks and less of your time with tasks that should only take minutes to complete.

Time management is all about putting your time to best use. That means that digging through the filing cabinet to find a clients phone number only to be greeted by a voice message system seems quite wasteful. All that time you wasted could have been saved with a few notes about when the best time to call is, a filing system that is intuitive to you, or even having the files and reports for your days work set out on your desk.

Proper time management will help you find precious minutes in your work day, maybe even hours. With a time management system that you like and use you will find that you are doing the work that you need to do instead of the work others want you to do.

You can look at your system and see that if you help Bob with his problem you will not be able to finish your work and you can politely explain that your schedule is not free enough to give the assistance that he needs. On the other hand you may see that you have a free hour between 3 and 4 so go ahead and give that help with in your allotted time.

Time management is important because it allows you to run your day. Knowing where your time is going and knowing that you will have time for you is a very empowering feeling. If you find yourself wondering where your time went it may be time to find a system you will use.

Getting good at time management takes work. You need to find a system that not only works for you but a system that you will use. If there is a time management system that you wish to know more about, or if you are using a system with success, let us know in the comments below.

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