My Biggest Time Leach

What is one thing that technology does to make you feel ashamed or guilty?

For me it’s the “Are you still there?” message I get when watching Netflix on the Apple TV.

I have discovered that little message comes up after playing 4 episodes of a TV show without any interruption. That means that at the least I have spent about 2 hours staring at my TV, 4 hours if I’m on a Top Gear binge.

I usually have the TV playing in the background but that means that whatever I was working on for the past 2-4 hours is probably going to be piss poor and it will need to be redone.

If I am on a Top Gear binge I am probably not doing anything else because I have an odd love for that show. If that is the case I am more than likely going to be tired the next day because I will neglect my sleep for the antics of the three cheeky presenters.

I have sat in front of my TV too many times searching for my remote saying

“Yes, I’m still here, one more episode and I’ll go to bed.”

Only to ruin my needed sleep or neglecting it altogether. I had enough. I spent too many of these sleep deprived days and I realized it was time to change.

The first thing I did to rip this time leach from my side was to give voice to the issue. I told myself aloud that I will not be staying up all night watching Netflix again. Saying this out loud is very important. You have to speak up if you want your subconscious mind to pay attention.

Second, I set a limit for myself.

“I will watch no more than two episodes a night.”

If I got to the two episode limit I found that if got ready for bed I would usually hit the sack rather than go back to the TV.

Finally, the most difficult of all the steps I need to stick to it.

The most important thing with this step is to give yourself time. If you foul up one night, don’t go hating on yourself because you slipped up, just start over.

Voice the issue, make a goal, and stick to it.

Remember this will take time. I have decided to break the habit of binge watching Netflix by creating a new habit of going to sleep after two episodes.

Let me know in the comments what time leach drains your time every day.

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