5 Time Management Tips To Help You Free Up An Hour Every Day

Can you use another hour in your day?

I know I could, just imagine what you could get done in an hour a day. Start practicing the bag pipes, work on your dunking technique, write that novel. The possibilities are endless. These time management tips are inspired by a video on time management by Brian Tracy. Watch the video Here.

  1. Prepare in Advance

Before the end of your day look over your schedule and give your mind some time to stew over the activities and projects you have planned for the next day.

2. Schedule Your Time

Plan your day in advance. Give yourself a set amount of time to perform certain tasks. When you reach your allotted time move on to the next task. This is very important when dealing with activities that do not help you reach your desired daily goals.

3. Start Early

Give yourself some extra time in the morning for reflection, prayer, meditation, reading, or even just to bask in the quite that an early riser experiences each day.

4. Improve Your Organizational Skills

Do you have a system that helps you keep all of your files and reports in order? If you need to go over something you completed weeks ago, how quickly could you get access to those files? It is truly amazing how much of our time is lost to locating things we need to do our job.

5. Increase Your Productivity

You should know yourself enough to know when you function the best. Are you at your peak as soon as you start the day, or do you hit your stride a few hours before the close of business? Schedule your most meaningful work for the time that you are most productive. Also find out the time your clients or prospects are available and schedule calls around time that will be most productive. Make a note in your client files when a good time to call is and when a bad time to call is. Stop wasting time playing phone tag.

If you have any time management tips that are freeing up hours for you, please share them in the comments below.

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