Find Your Everyday Time Sucks

When was the last time one of your friends told you to check out a new TV show or read a new book? Did you think to yourself “How am I supposed to do that when I don’t even have time to get through the stuff I want to watch/read?”

You may be surprised how much time you actually have. You may just need to make a few adjustments to your day to find some extra time. Or you may need to tear the whole thing down and start new.

Either way you need to see what you are working with. You can do this by recording your day to day activities. Jot down everything you do. Take a peak at your watch and take note of how long you took to do each activity.

Do this for your morning coffee stop, your commute time, even write down how long it takes you to get out of bed after your alarm goes off. Write it all down. You will want to have the clearest sense of where your time goes.

Alarm at 5:30, out of bed at 5:45

Shower 15 min

Dress and ready 20 min

Eat 10 min

Out the door feeling rushed and sure to be late at 6:30

Just be honest with yourself. This is a great exercise and you may be blown away by what you discover.

Many years ago I commuted 70 miles through Los Angeles. The drive on a clear road with no traffic was 1 hour 15 minutes. My commute ranged from 2-3 hours, it all depended on how stupid everyone was feeling that day.

I decided to leave 30 minutes early to see if that would change things up and I was pleased to find that I was only slowed 30 minutes, but I was also at work way too early.

I tried it the other way one day by accident. (Forgot to change the clock) I left 45 minutes late and I arrived at work on time without all the stop and go traffic I was accustomed to.

By accident I found 45 extra minutes for my morning plus I got to work stress free because I was missing all of the major congestion. That alone was life changing.

After you look at your day to day happenings start fooling around with it. You may be able to free up 30 minutes by switching coffee shops. Or do as I did and leave your house at a different time to see what the traffic is like.

Heres hoping you can get a satisfying change like I did.

If you enjoy my ramblings, tell your friends. If you hate my ramblings, tell your friends.

Share this and please leave me comment on what you discovered by looking at your day.

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