Breathe Life Into Your Writing

Writing can really suck sometimes. You pour everything you have got into a blog post, email, newsletter, whatever. And it sounds like Mr. Roboto got his hands on it.

No life, no flair, and well, kinda boring.

It’s not time to throw in the towel just yet.

Here are 8 tips to breath life into your writing.

1. Clear your mind

This is the most important tip of all, and when you master it you will be able to throw text on the wall in no time. You need to get your mind in the writing mode. Take a few breaths and brush off the dealings of the day. It’s time to make that blinky line move to the right. The weird thing about the mind and writing is that whatever mood you bring to the table will show through to your writing, so get excited about what you are writing about.

If you have trouble getting all of your ideas out try setting a time limit for your self. Say 20 minutes. Go into it knowing that you have 20 minutes to write that blog post, if you don’t finish get up and get some water or coffee. Come back for another 20 minutes and get it done.

2. Have a clear picture of what you are writing about in your mind

When you can see what you are trying to write about in your mind it will be easier to get it out. Like telling someone about the movie you just watched. Make the information play out in your mind like a movie.

3. Write to one person

Now as a new writer this can be tough but give it a think for a bit. The new writer is thinking that many, many people are going to be writing this post, so i need to address all of them. Yes, many people will be reading what you write. Hundreds, thousands, and more, but they are all reading it on their own.

Have a picture of your ideal reader in your mind and write directly to that one person. Everything you write should be aimed at that one person.

4. Be selectively descriptive

Adjectives are neat, but too many of them can really derail your writing. You want to be descriptive, but at the same time be brief. Use enough describing words to paint a picture in the mind of your reader, but not so much you get bogged down in the details. You have a plan in mind, there is a place you want to take the reader, don’t get bogged down detailing the parts of your story that really don’t matter.

5. Choose your words carefully

Words have power. Link a few together and you can evoke an emotion in your reader. Think of infomercials and magazine ads. You can Grow your income, or you can Explode your income. Both mean the same thing, but one evokes emotion. Write as active as you can to create the emotions that you need. Make sure you don’t over do it, if you turn every word into a power word it will just read weird.

6. Read it out loud

Read what you wrote out loud to yourself. Hearing the words and speaking the words will give you insight to where a sentence doesn’t work or if you need to move a line somewhere else. If you get stuck and the words are not flowing any more. Just read what you have aloud, you may trigger other ideas and get the words flowing again.

7. Be clear with what you want

If you want your readers to watch a video tell them

“Watch this video”

If you are writing a sales letter you really need to be clear with what you want them to do. Again you are painting a picture in the readers mind. Give them clear instructions as to what to do next.

8. Always make it about the reader

“What’s In It For Me”

Every one who is reading anything you do will want to get some benefit from what they are reading. If you always make it about them they will be more likely to keep reading until the end because they are getting some benefit. It’s all about the person who is reading your stuff.

Remember, everything you say triggers a thought and a feeling in the reader. That feeling will cause the reader to take the action you want them to take or not take it, so choose what you say very carefully.

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